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I'm glad this brand finally came out with sneakers. They're very stylish and easy to clean. I've gotten a lot of compliments. I do wish the insoles had more cushion. CAT Footwear's reply.

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Reason for Report. Submit Cancel. Not bad. Sep 19, A pretty comfortable shoe.

Really dig the look. They seem sturdy. Thanks for your great feedback!

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Great looking shoe! Sep 16, The shoe looks great and feels sturdy and durable.

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I was hesitant to get the white color as was worried about getting marked up. That is my only complaint with them is that they seem to get marked up relatively easily and hard to get the marks off.

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But other than that they are great shoes. Sep 15, Sizing Fits too Big.


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The color white, for example, is made by mixing each of the three primary colors at their full intensity, resulting in the Hex color code of FFFFFF. Black, the absence of any color on a screen display, is the complete opposite, with each color displayed at their lowest possible intensity and a Hex color code of Understanding the basics of Hex color code notation we can create grayscale colors very easily, since they consist of equal intensities of each color:.

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Bandcamp Album of the Day Aug 9, Epic indie music from New Zealand. Jangly guitars swirl over a variety of rhythms, incl. Hikoi the soundtrack by Mara TK. Off-kilter New Zealand indie rock meets fuzzed-out psych-pop on this wonky and charming debut LP. Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature "The Music of" tribute to French musical legends.

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