Directory of World Cinema: Italy

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Build your foundation in BioSci while experiencing the friendly and culturally rich city of Dublin, Ireland. Study the biological foundations of the mind at the oldest university in the Western world in Bologna, Italy. Experience the Netherlands while learning about cells and seeing how scientists are studying them. Discover the many lessons we can take home from Barcelona on housing development and neighborhood regeneration efforts.

Directory of World Cinema: Italy

Multiculturalism is not just a 21st century phenomenon. Explore the cities of Salamanca, Toledo, Madrid, Cordoba, Sevilla, and Granada to learn about the religious and cultural differences of medieval Spain. Study in Oxford, the birthplace of modern fantasy: see what inspired Wonderland, Narnia and the Shire, and walk the halls of Hogwarts. Study the ghosts and hauntings of Edinburgh, cruise the Loch Ness, visit Glasgow, and trek through the Highlands of Scotland.

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Journey through two European countries UK, Netherlands famous for their trend setting historical and contemporary art, architecture and design. Study and experience the great genetic breakthroughs in this European tour of genetics: Cambridge, UK and Stockholm, Sweden.

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Broaden your literary, cultural, and artistic knowledge while traveling all around Europe UK, France, Italy. Explore the historic and ever-changing city of Havana and examine Cuba's revolutionary tradition on a multi-city trip across the island. Experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with multiple indigenous groups and see parts of Ecuador that are not available to traditional tourists.

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Explore the diverse cultural and natural landscapes of the Peruvian highlands. Based in Cuzco, the program includes trips to Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu, one of the great wonders of the world. Explore environmental issues that result from population growth and civil conflict while immersing yourself in beautiful, intriguing and ancient Lebanese culture.

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Summer Programs. Global Fashion in China Explore fashion design and global textile production while based in the Yangtze Delta Area — the birthplace of silk and the hub of modern fashion and material culture in China.

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Life Sciences in Japan Explore aspects of life sciences in Japan such as active research labs, the world-famous Osaka aquarium, a yogurt fermentation factory, and much more. Thailand—Microbiology Lab in the Kingdom of Smiles Explore tropical jungles, pristine beaches, exotic markets, and the mega-city of Bangkok while getting hands-on microbiology laboratory experience. One statistic we noted was that a quarter of the films on our list were East Asian: that is, 25 of them were made in Japan 11 , China 6 , Taiwan 4 , Hong Kong 3 or South Korea 1.

And the winning film, Seven Samurai , by the Japanese director Akira Kurosawa, was loved by critics everywhere — everywhere, that is, except for Japan. While the cinema of an individual nation is inevitably tied to its unique identity and history, the language of film is universal.

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One more thing: the purpose of every BBC Culture film poll has always been to generate debate as well as encourage discovery. And look out for more BBC Culture features on the greatest in world cinema in the weeks to come. Landscape in the Mist Theo Angelopoulos, Ashes and Diamonds Andrzej Wajda, In the Heat of the Sun Jiang Wen, Taste of Cherry Abbas Kiarostami, Shoah Claude Lanzmann, Floating Clouds Mikio Naruse, Where Is the Friend's Home?

Abbas Kiarostami, Raise the Red Lantern Zhang Yimou, Scenes from a Marriage Ingmar Bergman, Rififi Jules Dassin, Hiroshima Mon Amour Alain Resnais, Wild Strawberries Ingmar Bergman, The Nights of Cabiria Federico Fellini, Umberto D Vittorio de Sica, La Strada Federico Fellini, Celine and Julie go Boating Jacques Rivette, Ran Akira Kurosawa, The Conformist Bernardo Bertolucci, Man with a Movie Camera Dziga Vertov, Ikiru Akira Kurosawa, Happy Together Wong Kar-wai, Amour Michael Haneke, Ugetsu Kenji Mizoguchi, Ordet Carl Theodor Dreyer, Spring in a Small Town Fei Mu, Sansho the Bailiff Kenji Mizoguchi, Contempt Jean-Luc Godard, Come and See Elem Klimov, Solaris Andrei Tarkovsky, Chungking Express Wong Kar-wai, Au Hasard Balthazar Robert Bresson, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg Jacques Demy, Stalker Andrei Tarkovsky, Beau Travail Claire Denis, To Live Zhang Yimou, Andrei Rublev Andrei Tarkovsky, Close-Up Abbas Kiarostami, Spirited Away Hayao Miyazaki, La Grande Illusion Jean Renoir, The Leopard Luchino Visconti, Wings of Desire Wim Wenders, Playtime Jacques Tati,

Directory of World Cinema: Italy Directory of World Cinema: Italy
Directory of World Cinema: Italy Directory of World Cinema: Italy
Directory of World Cinema: Italy Directory of World Cinema: Italy
Directory of World Cinema: Italy Directory of World Cinema: Italy
Directory of World Cinema: Italy Directory of World Cinema: Italy
Directory of World Cinema: Italy Directory of World Cinema: Italy
Directory of World Cinema: Italy Directory of World Cinema: Italy
Directory of World Cinema: Italy Directory of World Cinema: Italy
Directory of World Cinema: Italy

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