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Looking for a private batch? Need help finding the right training? Your Message. Course Features. What is Cocoa Programming Training about? What are the objectives of Cocoa Programming Training? At the end of the Cocoa Programming training participants will learn how to design effective event driven user interface based applications including: Implementing code for drawing and animation Laying out and managing user interface widgets such as buttons, text fields, sliders and scroll bars Manipulate table views Persist save application state and user data Connect to interface objects both by using Interface Builder and by direct programming.

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Target Audience. Who is Cocoa Programming Training for?

Anyone who wants to add Cocoa Programming skills to their profile Teams getting started on Cocoa Programming projects. What are the prerequisites for Cocoa Programming Training? Must have knowledge of Objective-C Programming.

Mac Technology Overview

Available Training Mode. Classroom Training. Course Outline. Creating and building projects Running and debugging applications Working with the class and documentation browsers. Intensive overview of Objective-C. Dynamic typing Dynamic binding Dynamic loading.

A Quick-Start Guide for Developers

The Runtime System. Dynamic method lookup Resolution of unmatched selectors Message forwarding.

Latest Cocoa Programming for OS X (5th Edition) topics - Big Nerd Ranch Book Forums

Dynamic Properties. Use of property to declare accessor methods Use of synthesize to synthesize accessor methods. Foundation Framework. Delegation Key-value coding Mutable subclasses.

Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X: Objective-C

Files and URLs. Storage and retrieval of filesystems and web data.

Memory Management. Reference counting Garbage collection Autorelease pools. Application Class and the App Delegate.

What Does Cocoa Do?

If you would like to learn Cocoa from one of us live and in person in a monastic, focused, and intensive setting, consider attending our famous Cocoa Bootcamp. Or, if you have a good handle on Swift, the Fast Track Bootcamp. We can even teach at your company. We also write apps that solve problems for our clients.

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Cocoa Programming L67 - Presenting View Controllers

Swift Branch: master New pull request. Find File. Download ZIP. Sign in Sign up. Launching GitHub Desktop Go back. Mouse Events Basic Core Data Web Services Unit Testing Drag-and-Drop Alerts and Closures Sheets View Controllers Distributing Your App NSTimer User Defaults Drawing Text with Attributes 7. Working with Table Views Storyboards Archiving 6. Delegation 4. Memory Management 3. Structures and Classes Localization and Bundles NSTask Pasteboards and Nil-Targeted Actions 9.

NSArrayController 5.

Cocoa Programming Cocoa Programming
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